Artist Title Disc
3T Tease Me SC8277–04
4 Seasons, The Sherry SC7508–11
69 Boys Tootsee Roll SC8612–09
9 Stand Beside Me CB2101–09
98 Degrees Because Of You PH9812–08
98 Degrees I Do (Cherish You) SC8553–06
Aaliyah The One I Gave My Heart To SC8422–07
Aaliyah Try Again SC8613–12
Abdul, Paula Straight Up SC7503–12
Ace Of Base Sign, The SC7514–04
Ad Libs, The Boy From New York City, The SC7525–15
Adams, Bryan Everything I Do I Do It For You SC7514–08
Adkins, Trace Every Light In The House Is On SC8315–15
Adkins, Trace No Thinkin' Thing SC8370–01
Aerosmith I Don't Want To Miss A Thing SB1010–02
Aguilera, Christina Blessed SC8618–12
Aguilera, Christina Come On Over PH9021–07
Aguilera, Christina Genie In A Bottle SC8542–14
Alabama Born Country BK8317–01
Alabama Christmas In Dixie BK8317–02
Alabama Dixieland Delight BK8317–03
Alabama Down Home BK8317–04
Alabama Feels So Right SC7510–05
Alabama Fire In The Night BK8317–05
Alabama Forever's As Far As I'll Go BK8317––06
Alabama Forty Hour Week BK8317–07
Alabama Here We Are BK8317–08
Alabama How Do You Fall In Love PP3087–02
Alabama If I Had You BK8317–09
Alabama If I Had You CB84–09
Alabama Jukebox In My Mind BK8317–10
Alabama Mountain Music SC7516–11
Alabama My Home's In Alabama BK8317–11
Alabama Roll On Eighteen Wheeler BK8317–12
Alabama Roll On Eighteen Wheeler CB84–03
Alabama Sad Lookin' Moon SC8370–06
Alabama Small Stuff SC8570–11
Alabama Song Of The South BK8317–13
Alabama Southern Star BK8317–14
Alabama Tennessee River BK8317–15
Alabama The Closer You Get BK8317–16
Alabama Then Again BK8317–17
Alabama When We Make Love SC7510–11
Albert, Morris Feelings SC7518–04
All Saints Never Ever SC8469–05
Allan, Gary Her Man SC8315–04
Allan, Gary Living in a House Full of Love PP 2–01
Allan, Gary No Man In His Wrong Heart PP3087–07
Allman Brothers Band Midnight Rider SC8449–02
America Sister Golden Hair SC7509–13
Anderson, John Swingin' SC7524–12
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden SC7507–13
Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy SC7505–14
Angels, The My Boyfriend's Back SC7504–08
Animals, The House Of The Rising Sun, The SC7504–07
Anka, Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder SC7518–15
Anthony, Marc I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You SB1010–15
Anthony, Marc You BSang To Me SC8601–01
Apple, Fiona Limp SC8601–05
Armstrong, Louis Hello Dolly SC7505–11
Armstrong, Louis What A Wonderful World SC7505–07
Arnold, Eddy Make The World Go Away SC7518–02
Arnold, Eddy Up On The Housetop SC8475–09
Atlanta Rhythm Section So Into You SC8449–05
Austin, Patti If We're Not In Love SC8499–09
Austin, Sherrie Lucky In Love SC8382–11
Autry, Gene Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer SC8475–02
B'Witched Rollercoaster SC8553–13
B–52's,  The Love Shack SC8106–13
B–52's, The Love Shack SC7503–06
B.N. Ladies One Week SC8469–10
B.N.L. Call And Answer SC8542–07
Babyface & Quincy Jones Slow Jams SC8277–11
Bachman–turner Overdrive Takin' Care Of Business SC7519–07
Backman, Tal She's So High SC8542–02
Backstreet Boys As Long As You Love Me SC8452–07
Backstreet Boys Back To Your Heart SC8553–09
Backstreet Boys Everybody(Backstreet's Back) SC8452–01
Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way SC8542–01
Backstreet Boys Perfect Fan SC8613–09
Backstreet Boys Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely SC8587–01
Barlow, Gary So Help Me Girl SC8422–05
Barnett, Mandy A Simple I Love You SC8315–07
Base, Rob & E–Z Rock Joy & Pain SC8612–12
Basia New Day For You SC8518–13
Bay City Rollers Saturday Night SC7530–10
Beach Boys, The Barbara Ann SC7517–03
Beach Boys, The California Girls SC7508–10
Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda SC7525–02
Beach Boys, The Surfin' U.s.a. SC7502–12
Beastie Boys Brass Monkey SC8612–06
Beatles, The All My Loving SC7520–06
Beatles, The Here Comes The Sun SC7517–01
Beatles, The Hey Jude SC7525–03
Beatles, The I Saw Her Standing There SC7502–08
Beatles, The Let It Be SC7513–12
Beatles, The Oh! Darling SC7525–13
Beatles, The Twist And Shout SC7527–10
Beatles, The Yesterday SC7520–05
Bega, Lou Tricky, Tricky SC8587–06
Belafonte, Harry Day O (the Banana Boat Song) SC7506–15
Ben Folds Five Army SC8542–05
Ben Folds Five Brick SC8440–13
Benatar, Pat Hit Me With Your Best Shot SC7519–01
Bennett, Tony I Left My Heart In San Francisco SC7518–01
Bennett, Tony Shadow Of Your Smile, The SC7505–15
Benson, George This Masquerade SC7525–09
Berry, Chuck Johnny B. Goode SC7525–06
Berry, John Better Than A Biscuit SC8480–06
Berry, John Power Windows SC8570–10
Berry, John The Stone PP 2–05
Berry, John What's In It For Me SC8141–07
Berry, John Your Love Amazes Me SC2177–02
Berry, John Your Love Amazes Me SC8141–15
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three PH9021–14
Big Bopper Chantilly Lace SC7527–03
Big House You Ain't Lonely Yet SC8382–14
Billie She Wants You SC8542–10
Bishop, Elvin Fooled Around And Fell In Love SC8449–08
Bisque I do SC8613–11
Bizkit, Limp Take A Look Around SC8618–15
Black Crowes Good Friday SC8449–10
Black Oak Arkansas Jim Dandy SC8449–04
Black, Clint A Better Man SS2172–06
Black, Clint Killin' Time SS2172–05
Black, Clint Loosen Up My Strings SC8480–01
Black, Clint Loving Blind SS2172–04
Black, Clint Put Yourself In My Shoes SC2172–01
Black, Clint State Of Mind SS2172–03
Black, Clint We Tell Ourselves SC2172–02
Black, Clint When My Ship Comes In SS2172–08
Black, Clint Where Are You Now SS2172–07
Black, Clint & Wariner, Steve Been There PP3176–05
Blaque & N'Sync Bring It All To Me SC8587–13
Blues Brothers, The Soul Man SC7503–05
Blues Traveler Run–Around SB1010–08
Bobby Boris Pickett & The Monster Mash SC7526–03
Bolton, Michael I Found Someone SC8277–13
Bolton, Michael The Best Of Love SC8422–11
Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive SC7511–01
Boone, Debby You Light Up My Life SC7506–09
Box Tops, The Letter, The SC7520–12
Boyz II Men A Song For Mama SC8440–02
Boyz II Men (Soul Food) A Song For Mama SC2154–06
Boyz Ii Men End Of The Road SC7514–03
Brandt, Paul It's A Beautiful Thing SC8570–15
Brandt, Paul That's The Truth SC8533–14
Brandy Have You Ever PH9812–05
Brandy Have You Ever SC8499–07
Brandy & Monica The Boy Is Mine SC8469–09
Braxton, Toni & Kenny G How Could An Angel Break My Heart SC8422–01
Breathe Hands To Heaven SC8518–10
Brickman, Jim & Cochran, A After All These Years SC8469–01
Brightman, Sarah Deliver Me SC8542–06
Brock, Chad Evangeline SC8480–04
Brock, Chad & Williams, Hank Jr. A Country Boy Can Survive (y2k version) PP3176–08
Brokop, Lisa How Do I Let Go CB90–06
Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie SC7515–07
Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie SC8101–05
Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man SC8101–09
Brooks & Dunn She's Not The Cheatin' Kind SC8141–01
Brooks, Garth Dance, The SC7510–03
Brooks, Garth Friends In Low Places SC7515–01
Brooks, Garth Friends In Low Places (Live Version) SC8162–01
Brooks, Garth If Tomorrow Never Comes SC7510–01
Brooks, Garth If Tomorrow Never Comes SC8162–02
Brooks, Garth Learning To Live Again SC8162–14
Brooks, Garth Not Counting You SC8162–13
Brooks, Garth Papa Loved Mama SC8162–10
Brooks, Garth Rodeo SC8162–12
Brooks, Garth Shameless SC8162–05
Brooks, Garth Somewhere Other Than The Night SC8162–15
Brooks, Garth That Summer SC8162–06
Brooks, Garth The Dance SC8162–04
Brooks, Garth The River SC8162–11
Brooks, Garth The Thunder Rolls SC8162–07
Brooks, Garth To Make You Feel My Love CB90–03
Brooks, Garth Tow Of A Kind Workin' On A Full House SC8162–08
Brooks, Garth Unanswered Prayers SC8162–09
Brooks, Garth What She's Doing Now SC8162–03
Brooks, Garth You Move Me SC8480–11
Brooks, Garth/Yearwood, T Wild As The Wind SC8507–05
Brooks, Meredith What Would Happen SC8422–09
Brown, James I Got You (I Feel Good) SC7527–08
Brown, James I Got You (I Feel Good) SC8106–08
Brown, James I'll Go Crazy SC8339–11
Brown, James Please, Please, Please SC8339–02
Brown, Sawyer Six Days On The Road SC8370–09
Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth SC7506–07
Buffet, Jimmy A Pirate Looks At Forty SC8147–02
Buffet, Jimmy Boat Drinks SC8147–03
Buffet, Jimmy Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes SC8147–08
Buffet, Jimmy Cheeseburger In Paradise SC8147–01
Buffet, Jimmy Come Monday SC8147–12
Buffet, Jimmy Fins SC8147–04
Buffet, Jimmy Grapefruit – Juicy Fruit SC8147–06
Buffet, Jimmy He Went To Paris SC8147–13
Buffet, Jimmy Livingston Saturday Night SC8147–15
Buffet, Jimmy Margaritaville SC8106–06
Buffet, Jimmy Margaritaville SC8147–05
Buffet, Jimmy Pencil Thin Mustache SC8147–10
Buffet, Jimmy Son Of A Son Of A Sailor SC8147–09
Buffet, Jimmy The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful SC8147–07
Buffet, Jimmy Volcano SC8147–11
Buffet, Jimmy Why Don't We Get Drunk...... SC8147–14
Burnin' Daylight Say Yes SC8382–04
Bush Warm Machine SC8618–05
Byers, Billie A Few Words Too Many SC8499–02
Byrd, Tracy Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine SC8382–08
Byrd, Tracy The Keeper Of The Stars SC2177–01
Byrd, Tracy When Mama Ain't Happy SC8507–14
Cake Never There PH9812–03
Calloway, Cab Minnie The Moocher SC7505–06
Cameo Word Up SC8518–12
Cara, Irene Fame SC7523–04
Cara, Irene Flashdance... What A Feeling SC7503–15
Cardigans, The Lovefool SC2094–06
Carey, Mariah Always Be My Baby SC8497–01
Carey, Mariah Anytime You Need A Friend SC8497–08
Carey, Mariah Butterfly SC8422–03
Carey, Mariah Butterfly SC8497–05
Carey, Mariah Can't Let Go SC8497–06
Carey, Mariah Can't Take That Away PH9021–09
Carey, Mariah Can't Take That Away SC8613–08
Carey, Mariah DreamLover SC8497–02
Carey, Mariah Emotions SC8497–03
Carey, Mariah Fantasy SC8497–13
Carey, Mariah Forever SC8497–11
Carey, Mariah Hero SC7514–11
Carey, Mariah Hero SC8497–04
Carey, Mariah I'll Be There SC7514–12
Carey, Mariah Looking In SC8277–12
Carey, Mariah Make It Happen SC8497–07
Carey, Mariah My All SC8497–12
Carey, Mariah Never Forget You SC8497–15
Carey, Mariah One Sweet Day SC8497–14
Carey, Mariah Vanishing PH9021–10
Carey, Mariah When You Believe SC8497–09
Carey, Mariah Without You SC8497–10
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Down At The Twist and Shout CB2139–08
Carpenter, Mary Chapin He Thinks He'll Keep Her CB2139–10
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Feel Lucky CB2139–07
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Take My Chances CB2139–12
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Passionate Kisses CB2139–11
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Shut Up and Kiss Me CB2139–09
Carpenter, Mary–chapin Down At The Twist And Shout SC7516–02
Carpenter, Mary–chapin I Feel Lucky SC7522–05
Carter, Deana Angels Working Overtime SC8533–01
Carter, Deana Strawberry Wine SC8315–02
Carter, Deana We Danced Anyway SC8370–07
Cartwright, Lionel Like Father Like Son CB84–15
Cascades, The Rhythm Of The Rain SC7526–07
Cash, Johnny I Walk The Line SC7507–03
Chandler, Gene Duke Of Earl SC7502–05
Chapin, Harry Cat's In The Cradle SC7511–02
Chapman, Tracy Give Me One Reason SC8277–02
Chapman, Tracy New Beginning SC2094–02
Charles, Ray Georgia On My Mind SC7505–02
Charles, Ray I Can't Stop Loving You SC7518–09
Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down To Georgia, The SC7516–08
Checker, Chubby The Twist SC8106–11
Checker, Chubby Twist, The SC7527–05
Cher Shoop Shoop Song (it's In His Kiss), The SC7506–08
Cher Strong Enough SC8542–09
Chesney, Kenny How Forever Feels SC8507–10
Chesney, Kenny I Will Stand SC8480–12
Chesney, Kenny Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair PP3176–07
Chesney, Kenny She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy SC8570–08
Chesney, Kenny She's Got It All SC8382–10
Chesney, Kenny When I Close My Eyes SC8370–14
Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want To Miss A Thing SC8507–06
Chesnutt, Mark This Heartache Never Sleeps SC8533–08
Chordettes, The Lollipop SC7504–04
Chumbawamba Tub Thumping SB1010–06
Chumbawamba Tubthumping SC8422–14
Clapton, Eric Before You Accuse Me SC8339–14
Clapton, Eric Lay Down Sally SC7509–09
Clapton, Eric My Father's Eyes SC8452–03
Clark, Petula Downtown SC7517–05
Clark, Terri Emotional Girl SC8370–04
Clark, Terri You're Easy On The Eyes SC8480–15
Cline, Patsy Crazy SC7515–11
Cline, Patsy Crazy SC8101–11
Cline, Patsy Faded Love SC7524–05
Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces SC7516–04
Cline, Patsy Leavin' On Your Mind SC7522–15
Cline, Patsy She's Got You SC7515–13
Cline, Patsy Sweet Dreams SC7515–05
Cline, Patsy Walking After Midnight SC7516–05
Coasters, The Charlie Brown SC7504–02
Coasters, The Yakety Yak SC7508–05
Cochran, Anita For Crying Out Loud SC8556–13
Cocker, Joe Unchain My Heart SC7523–09
Cocker, Joe With A Little Help From My Friends SC7508–08
Cocker, Joe You Are So Beautiful SC7503–14
Cocker, Joe & Warnes, Jenn Up Where We Belong SC7519–10
Coe, David Allan You Never Even Called Me By My Name SC7515–08
Cole, Nat King Ramblin' Rose SC7518–06
Cole, Paula Me SC8440–12
Cole, Paula Where Have All The Cowboys Gone SC2094–08
Collins, Phil Abacab BK8617–17
Collins, Phil Against All Odds BK8617–01
Collins, Phil Against All Odds (take A Look At Me Now) SC7506–05
Collins, Phil Another Day In Paradise BK8617–02
Collins, Phil Do You Remember BK8617–03
Collins, Phil Easy Lover BK8617–04
Collins, Phil Everyday BK8617–05
Collins, Phil Groovy Kind Of Love BK8617–06
Collins, Phil In The Air Tonight BK8617–07
Collins, Phil Invisible Touch BK8617–12
Collins, Phil Jesus He Knows Me BK8617–10
Collins, Phil Land Of Confusion BK8617–14
Collins, Phil Never A Time BK8617–11
Collins, Phil One More Night BK8617–08
Collins, Phil Separate Lives BK8617–09
Collins, Phil Sussudio BK8617–15
Collins, Phil Tonight, Tonight, Tonight BK8617–13
Collins, Phil You Can't Hurry Love BK8617–16
Collins, Phil & Martin, Ma Separate Lives SC7517–09
Color Me Badd Remember When SC8469–03
Colvin, Shawn Nothin On Me SC8452–13
Commodores Still SC7525–12
Como, Perry And I Love You So SC7505–03
Como, Perry Catch A Falling Star SC7518–07
Confederate Railroad Cowboy Cadillac SC8533–05
Confederate Railroad Trashy Women SC7510–12
Connick, Harry Jr. It Had To Be You SC7506–03
Coppola, Imani Legend Of A Cowgirl SC8422–06
Corrs, The The Right Time SC2094–03
Corrs, The The Right Time SC8277–10
Costello, Elvis Everyday I Write The Book SC8518–02
Cracker I Hate My Generation SC8277–06
Cranberries, The Dreams SC2094–05
Creed What If SC8587–04
Croce, Jim Bad, Bad Leroy Brown SC7509–02
Croce, Jim Time In A Bottle SC7503–10
Crosby, Bing You Are My Sunshine SC7528–13
Crow, Sheryl All I Wanna Do SC7514–10
Crow, Sheryl If It Makes You Happy SC2094–01
Curfman, Shannon Playing With Fire SC8618–06
Curfman, Shannon True Friends SC8587–15
Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain SC8612–02
Cyrus, Billy Ray Achy Breaky Heart SC7515–06
Cyrus, Billy Ray Give My Heart To You SC8533–10
Cyrus, Billy Ray Trail Of Tears SC8315–11
Daniels, Charlie Long Haired Country Boy SC8449–01
Daniels, Charlie The Devil Went Down To Georgia SC8449–15
Daniels, Charlie The South's Gonna Do It SC8449–14
Danny & The Juniors At The Hop SC7502–11
Darin, Bobby Mack The Knife SC7513–03
Darin, Bobby You're The Reason I'm Living SC7526–11
Davis, Alana 32 Flavors SC8440–06
Davis, Alana Crazy SC8469–11
Davis, Linda I Wanna Remember This CB90–12
Davis, Skeeter End Of The World, The SC7510–10
Day, Bobby Rock–in Robin SC7508–12
Day, Otis & The Knights Shout SC7527–04
Day, Otis and the Knights Shout SC8106–05
Days Of The New Touch, Peel And Stand SC8452–10
Days of the New The Down Town SC8469–13
De La Soul Me, Myself And I SC8612–07
Deburgh, Chris Lady In Red SC7506–10
Dee, Joey & The Starlighte Peppermint Twist SC7526–13
Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's SB1010–05
Def Leppard Promises SC8553–12
Dell–vikings, The Come Go With Me SC7520–02
Derailers, The The Right Place PP3176–06
Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills SC8553–03
Destiny's Child Jumpin', Jumpin' SC8613–13
Devo Whip It SC7511–04
Diamond Rio Norma Jean Riley SC8101–14
Diamond Rio Unbelievable SC8507–13
Diamond, Neil America (they're Coming To) SC7506–01
Diamond, Neil Kentucky Woman SC7525–07
Diffie, Joe Behind Closed Doors SC8507–03
Diffie, Joe Honky Tonk Attitude SC7524–10
Diffie, Joe Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (if I Die) SC7516–14
Diffie, Joe Third Rock From The Sun SC8141–02
Dion Runaround Sue SC7504–13
Dion Wanderer, The SC7525–10
Dion & The Belmonts Teenager In Love SC7520–14
Dion, Celine Here, There, and Everywhere SC8499–15
Dion, Celine I Want You To Need Me PH9021–06
Dion, Celine I Want You To Need Me SC8613–02
Dion, Celine Power Of Love, The SC7514–09
Dion, Celine & Griffin, Cl When I Fall In Love SC7530–07
Dion, Celine (Titanic) My Heart Will Go On SC2154–01
Dion, Celine/Streisand, B Tell Him SC8422–13
Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars SC8277–05
Divine Lately SC8499–11
Dixie Chicks Goodbye Earl SC8570–06
Dixie Chicks I Can Love You Better CB2084–07
Dixie Chicks Let 'Er Rip CB2084–08
Dixie Chicks Ready To Run SC8556–04
Dixie Chicks There's Your Trouble CB2084–09
Dixie Chicks Tonight The Heartache's On Me CB2084–10
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces CB2084–11
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces SC8480–09
Dixie Chicks You Were Mine CB2084–12
Dixie Chicks You Were Mine SC8507–11
Dixon, Willie You Shook Me SC8339–05
Dodd, Deryl Good Idea Tomorrow SC8533–06
Dogg, Snoop Doggy Gin And Juice SC8612–13
Domino, Fats Ain't That A Shame SC7502–02
Domino, Fats Blue Monday SC7508–02
Domino, Fats Blueberry Hill SC7520–03
Dominoes, The Sixty Minute Man SC8110–06
Doobie Brothers, The Black Water SC7509–03
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Nuthin' But A "G" Thang SC8612–01
Drifters, The Under The Boardwalk SC7527–07
Drifters, The Under The Boardwalk SC8110–14
Drifters, The Up On The Roof SC7517–06
Dunn, Holly Daddy's Hands SC7512–11
Dylan, Bob Knockin' On Heaven's Door SC7529–15
Dylan, Bob Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 SC7502–15
Eagles Best of My Love BK9017–01
Eagles Desperado BK9017–12
Eagles Get Over It BK9017–02
Eagles Heartache Tonight BK9017–03
Eagles Hotel California BK9017–04
Eagles I Can't Tell You Why BK9017–14
Eagles Life In The Fast Lane BK9017–11
Eagles Lyin' Eyes BK9017–06
Eagles New Kid in Town BK9017–07
Eagles One Of These Nights BK9017–08
Eagles Peaceful, Easy Feeling BK9017–15
Eagles Seven Bridges Road BK9017–17
Eagles Take It Easy BK9017–09
Eagles Take It To The Limit BK9017–10
Eagles The Long Run BK9017–05
Eagles Victim Of Love BK9017–13
Eagles Witchy Woman BK9017–16
Edmonds, Devon 24/7 SC8587–11
Eiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee) SC8587–02
Elliott, Alecia I'm Diggin' It SC8570–03
Elton John Recover Your Soul SC8452–14
Elton John Something About The Way You Look Tonight SC8422–08
Eminem Real Slim Shady (radio edit) SC8618–01
England, Tyler Too Many Highways PP3172–02
Estefan, Gloria 1–2–3 BS8417–01
Estefan, Gloria Anything For You BS8417–02
Estefan, Gloria Bad Boys BS8417–13
Estefan, Gloria Betcha Say That BS8417–17
Estefan, Gloria Can't Stay Away From You BS8417–15
Estefan, Gloria Coming Out Of The Dark BS8417–03
Estefan, Gloria Conga BS8417–04
Estefan, Gloria Don't Wanna Lose You BS8417–05
Estefan, Gloria Falling In Love (Uh–Oh) BS8417–16
Estefan, Gloria Get On Your Feet BS8417–06
Estefan, Gloria Here We Are BS8417–07
Estefan, Gloria I See You Smile BS8417–08
Estefan, Gloria Oye Mi Canto BS8417–09
Estefan, Gloria Rhythm Is Gonna Get You BS8417–10
Estefan, Gloria Seal Our Fate BS8417–11
Estefan, Gloria Turn The Beat Around BS8417–12
Estefan, Gloria Words Get In The Way BS8417–14
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (are Made Of This) SC7529–08
Everly Brothers, The All I Have To Do Is Dream SC7526–15
Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love SC7508–06
Everly Brothers, The Cathy's Clown SC7508–13
Everly Brothers, The Wake Up Little Susie SC7504–01
Everything But The Girl Wrong SC2094–04
Exile Give Me One More Chance CB84–05
Exile She's A Miracle CB84–13
Fabares, Shelley Johnny Angel SC7513–13
Fargo, Donna Happiest Girl In The Whole U.s.a., The SC7524–15
Fastball Fire Escape PH9812–04
Fender, Freddie Before The Next Teardrop Falls SC7524–14
Filter Take A Picture SC8587–03
Five Satins, The In The Still Of The Night SC7513–01
Fixx, The Stand Or Fall SC8518–11
Flack, Roberta Killing Me Softly With His Song SC7530–01
Flamingos, The I Only Have Eyes For You SC7520–01
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop SC7525–11
Floyd, Eddie Knock On Wood SC7525–14
Flys, The Got You Where I Want You PH9812–09
Fogelberg, Dan Longer SC7526–05
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sixteen Tons  SC7507–06
Forester Sisters, The Men SC7522–04
Four Tops I Can't Help Myself SC8110–10
Four Tops It's The Same Old Song SC8110–02
Four Tops Walkaway Renee SC8110–04
Francis, Connie Where The Boys Are SC7508–09
Franklin, Aretha Chain Of Fools SC7508–14
Franklin, Aretha Respect SC7504–11
Fuller, Bobby, Four I Fought The Law SC7520–07
Garbage When I Grow Up SC8553–10
Garland, Judy Over The Rainbow SC7505–05
Gaye, Marvin Ain't That Peculiar PS1292–13
Gaye, Marvin Got To Give It Up PS1292–17
Gaye, Marvin Heard It Through The Grapevine SC7527–15
Gaye, Marvin Heard It Through The Grapevine SC8110–01
Gaye, Marvin How Sweet It Is(to be loved by you) PS1292–14
Gaye, Marvin I'll Be Doggone PS1292–15
Gaye, Marvin Let's Get It On PS1292–18
Gaye, Marvin Mercy, Mercy Me PS1292–12
Gaye, Marvin Pride And Joy PS1292–11
Gaye, Marvin Sexual Healing PS1292–16
Gaye, Marvin That's The Way Love Is PS1292–20
Gaye, Marvin Too Busy Thinking About My Baby SC8110–08
Gaye, Marvin What's Going On PS1292–19
Gayle, Crystal Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue SC7507–15
Gaynor, Gloria I Will Survive SC7519–05
Georgia Satellites Keep Your Hands To Yourself SC7509–15
Gill, Vince A Little More Love SC8370–13
Gill, Vince Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away SS2171–08
Gill, Vince Go Rest High On That Mountain SS2171–02
Gill, Vince I Still Believe In You SS2171–05
Gill, Vince Loving You Makes Me A Better Man SC8570–09
Gill, Vince One More Last Chance SS2171–03
Gill, Vince What The Cowgirls Do SC8141–03
Gill, Vince When Love Finds You SS2171–04
Gill, Vince Whenever You Come Around SS2171–07
Gill, Vince Which Bridge To Cross,  Which Bridge To Burn SS2171–01
Gill, Vince You Better Think Twice SS2171–06
Gin Blossoms, The Follow You Down SB1010–14
Go West King of Wishful Thinking SC8518–15
Go–go's We Got The Beat SC7523–10
Goo Goo Dolls Broadway SC8613–06
Goo Goo Dolls Name SB1010–11
Gore, Lesley It's My Party SC7502–10
Graham, Larry One In A Million SC7530–06
Grand Funk The Loco–Motion SC8106–10
Grand Master Flash The Message SC8612–05
Grant, Amy The Things We Do For Love SC8277–01
Gray, Dobie Drift Away SC7519–04
Great Divide Pour Me A Vacation PP3087–06
Great Divide San Isabella SC8533–12
Great Plains Healin' Hands SC8315–12
Greenwood, Lee God Bless The U.s.a. SC7515–02
Greenwood, Lee I.O.U. SC7524–04
Griffiths, Marcia Electric Boogie (electric Slide) SC7514–01
Griggs, Andy I'll Go Crazy SC8556–06
Griggs, Andy She's More PP3176–04
Guess Who, The American Woman SC7517–02
Guy Dancin' SC8587–14
Haggard, Marty In The Afterlife SC8315–03
Haley, Bill & His Comets Rock Around The Clock SC7508–01
Haley, Bill & His Comets Shake, Rattle And Roll SC7527–09
Hanson I Will Come To You SC8422–02
Hanson If Only (radio version) SC8618–07
Hanson Weird SC8452–12
Hardiman, G. Meet Me With Your Black Drawer SC8339–08
Harling, Keith Coming Back To You SC8480–07
Harpo, Slim I'm A King Bee SC8339–13
Harrison, Wilbert Kansas City SC7517–10
Hatchet, Molly Flirtin' With Disaster SC8449–09
Hendrix, Jimi Hey Joe SC7525–04
Herndon, Ty Hands Of A Working Man SC8507–09
Herndon, Ty I Have To Surrender PP 2–08
Herndon, Ty It Must Be Love SC8480–05
Herndon, Ty Love Too Much SC8382–13
Higgins, Bertie Key Largo SC7517–12
Highwaymen, The Cotton Fields SC7528–12
Hill, Dan Sometimes When We Touch SC8518–09
Hill, Faith/McGraw, Tim Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me CB90–05
Hill, Lauryn Everything is Everything SC8553–08
Holly, Buddy Peggy Sue SC7513–05
Holly, Buddy That'll Be The Day SC7504–14
Hollywood Argyles, The Alley Oop SC7504–05
Holy, Steve Don't Make Me Beg SC8570–14
Honeydrippers, The Sea Of Love SC7511–05
Hootie & The Blowfish Wishing SC8553–11
Hope, Bob Thanks For The Memory SC7505–09
Horne, Lena Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow SC8475–08
Horton, Johnny Battle Of New Orleans, The SC7512–01
Houston, Whitney Greatest Love Of All SC7503–07
Houston, Whitney I Will Always Love You SC7514–02
Houston, Whitney One Moment In Time SC7523–07
Houston, Whitney & Carey, Mariah When You Believe SC8499–13
Houston, Whitney (Preacher's Wife) I Believe In You And Me SC2154–07
Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning SC8339–01
Humperdinck, Engelbert After The Lovin' SC7518–10
Humperdinck, Engelbert Release Me SC7518–05
Ian, Janis At Seventeen SC7526–04
Iglesias, Enrique Be With You SC8601–06
Imbruglia, Natalie Torn SC8452–04
Imbruglia, Natalie Wishing I Was There SC8469–07
Incubus Pardon Me SC8613–01
Ingram, James Just Once SC7509–11
Jackson, Alan Chattahoochee SC2035–03
Jackson, Alan Chattahoochee SC7515–10
Jackson, Alan Chattahoochee SC8101–04
Jackson, Alan Dallas SC2035–04
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock The JukeBox SC2035–02
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock The Jukebox SC7524–07
Jackson, Alan I'd Love You All Over Again SC2035–01
Jackson, Alan I'll Go On Loving You SC8480–03
Jackson, Alan Livin' On Love SC2035–06
Jackson, Alan Love's Got A Hold On You SC2035–07
Jackson, Alan Pop A Top SC8570–12
Jackson, Alan She's Got The Rhythm SC2035–08
Jackson, Alan Someday SC2035–05
Jackson, Janet Alright BS8217–01
Jackson, Janet Any Time Any Place BS8217–02
Jackson, Janet Black Cat BS8217–04
Jackson, Janet Come Back To Me BS8217–05
Jackson, Janet Escapade BS8217–06
Jackson, Janet If BS8217–07
Jackson, Janet Let's Wait Awhile BS8217–15
Jackson, Janet Love Will Never Do BS8217–08
Jackson, Janet Miss You Much BS8217–09
Jackson, Janet Nasty BS8217–10
Jackson, Janet Pleasure Principle BS8217–11
Jackson, Janet That's The Way Love Goes BS8217–12
Jackson, Janet The Best Things in Life are Free BS8217–03
Jackson, Janet What Have You Done For Me Lately BS8217–13
Jackson, Janet When I Think Of You BS8217–16
Jackson, Janet You Want This BS8217–14
Jackson, Michael Another Part Of Me PS1063–16
Jackson, Michael Bad PS1063–18
Jackson, Michael Beat It PS1063–10
Jackson, Michael Billie Jean PS1063–11
Jackson, Michael Dirty Diana PS1063–15
Jackson, Michael Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough PS1063–14
Jackson, Michael Man IN The Morror PS1063–17
Jackson, Michael Rock With You PS1063–12
Jackson, Michael Wanna Be Starting Something PS1063–13
Jamiraquai Virtual Insanity SB1010–12
Jana Ooh Baby, Baby SC8542–13
Jay–Z & Amil Can I Get A..... SC8612–11
Jewel Hands PH9812–01
Jewel Hands SC8499–12
Jewel You Were Meant For Me SC2094–07
Joe I Wanna Know SC8613–10
Joel,  Billy Don't Ask Me Why SC2160–05
Joel,  Billy It's Still Rock And Roll To Me SC2160–01
Joel,  Billy Just The Way You Are SC2160–07
Joel,  Billy Only The Good Die Young SC2160–08
Joel,  Billy Piano Man SC2160–04
Joel,  Billy She's Got A Way SC2160–03
Joel,  Billy The River Of Dreams SC2160–06
Joel,  Billy We Didn't Start The Fire SC2160–02
Joel, Billy Honesty BK9117–13
Joel, Billy Honesty SC7509–10
Joel, Billy I Go To Extremes BK9117–15
Joel, Billy It's Still Rock & Roll To Me BK9117–06
Joel, Billy Just The Way You Are BK9117–03
Joel, Billy Just The Way You Are SC7509–14
Joel, Billy Leave A Tender Moment Alone BK9117–17
Joel, Billy Modern Woman BK9117–12
Joel, Billy My Life BK9117–04
Joel, Billy Only The Good Die Young BK9117–16
Joel, Billy Piano Man BK9117–01
Joel, Billy Piano Man SC7530–11
Joel, Billy Running On Ice BK9117–14
Joel, Billy She's Always A Woman BK9117–02
Joel, Billy Tell Her About It BK9117–07
Joel, Billy The Longest Time BK9117–11
Joel, Billy The River of Dreams BK9117–10
Joel, Billy Uptown Girl BK9117–08
Joel, Billy We Didn't Start The Fire BK9117–09
Joel, Billy You May Be Right BK9117–05
John, Elton Candle In The Wind SC7530–03
John, Elton Crocodile Rock SC7509–12
John, Elton Daniel SC7530–05
John, Elton Someday Out Of The Blue SC8601–08
John, Elton Your Song SC7519–11
Jon B. Pretty Girl SB1010–13
Jones, George He Stopped Loving Her Today SC7507–02
Jones, Quincy I'm Yours SC8542–04
Jones, Tom Delilah SC7517–11
Jones, Tom Green Green Grass Of Home SC7505–08
Joplin, Janis Me And Bobby Mcgee SC7513–09
Jordan, Montell Get It On Tonite SC8587–12
Judd, Wynonna Girls With Guitars SS2036–07
Judd, Wynonna I Saw The Light SS2036–06
Judd, Wynonna My Strongest Weakness SC7524–09
Judd, Wynonna My Strongest Weakness SS2036–08
Judd, Wynonna Only Love SS2036–04
Judd, Wynonna Rock Bottom SS2036–03
Judd, Wynonna She Is His Only Need SS2036–01
Judd, Wynonna Tell My Why SS2036–05
Judd, Wynonna To Be Loved By You SS2036–02
Judds, The Cry Myself To Sleep CB84–06
Judds, The Grandpa SC7512–12
Judds, The Love Can Build A Bridge SC7510–06
Judds, The Mama He's Crazy SC7512–06
Juvenile Back That Thang Up SC8612–14
KC & JoJo All My Life SB1010–07
Kansas Dust In The Wind SC7526–12
Keith, Toby A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action SC8101–15
Keith, Toby How Do You Like Me Now PP3176–02
Keith, Toby When Love Fades SC8570–01
Keith, Toby Who's That Man SC8141–06
Kelly, R & Dion, Celine I'm Your Angel PH9812–02
Kelly, R & Dion, Celine I'm Your Angel SC8499–03
Kelly, R. (Space Jam) I Believe I Can Fly SC2154–02
Kentucky Headhunters, The Dumas Walker SC7522–13
Kersh, David Day In, Day Out SC8382–03
Kersh, David Goodnight Sweetheart SC8315–01
Kersh, David Wonderful Tonight CB90–01
Kershaw, Sammy Cadillac Style SC8101–13
Kershaw, Sammy Love of My Life SC2177–06
Kershaw, Sammy Me And Maxine PP3176–03
Kershaw, Sammy Vidalia SC8315–05
Kershaw, Sammy When You Love Someone SC8556–08
Kid Rock American Bad $*! SC8618–08
Kid Rock Only God Knows Why SC8587–09
King, B. B. Caldonia SC8339–04
King, B. B. Paying The Cost To The Boss SC8339–15
King, B. B. The Thrill Is Gone SC8339–03
King, Ben E. Stand By Me SC7527–13
King, Ben E. Stand By Me SC8110–05
King, Carole It's Too Late SC7503–13
Kingsmen, The Louie, Louie SC7527–12
Kiss Rock And Roll All Nite SC8277–08
Knight, Gladys & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia SC7519–08
Knight, Jordan I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man SC8553–01
Kool & The Gang Celebration SC7511–12
Kool & The Gang Celebration SS2076–06
Krauss, Alison Forget About It SC8556–10
Kravitz, Lenny I Belong To You SC8601–02
LFO Summer Girls SC8553–05
Lang, K.d. Constant Craving SC7514–06
Lawrence, Tracy I See It Now SC8141–12
Lawrence, Tracy Lessons Learned PP3172–03
LeDoux, Chris Stampede PP3172–08
Len Steal My Sunshine SC8553–07
Lennon, John Imagine SC7509–04
Lennon, John Instant Karma SC8518–08
Lewis, Donna I Could Be The One SC8469–06
Lewis, Donna & Marx, R. At The Beginning SC8422–10
Lewis, Huey And The News Heart Of Rock & Roll, The SC7511–09
Lewis, Jerry Lee Great Balls Of Fire SC7502–07
Lewis, Jerry Lee Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On SC7520–15
Lit Miserable SC8601–14
Little Eva Loco–motion, The SC7502–06
Little Feat Dixie Chicken SC8449–06
Little Feat Oh, Atlanta SC8449–11
Little Texas God Blessed Texas SC7522–07
Little Texas Kick A Little SC8141–05
Loeb, Lisa I Do SC8422–12
Loggins & Messina Your Mama Don't Dance SC7529–14
Loggins, Dave Please Come To Boston SC7530–09
Loggins, Kenny Footloose SC7506–13
Lonestar Amazed SC8533–04
Lonestar Come Cryin' To Me SC8382–06
Lonestar Everything's Changes SC8480–02
Lonestar You Walked In PP 2–04
Looking Glass Brandy, You're A Fine Girl SC7513–08
Lopez, Jennifer Feelin' so Good SC8587–10
Lopez, Jennifer If You Had My Love SC8542–15
Los Lobos La Bamba SC7506–12
Love And Rockets Sweet Lover Hangover SC8277–07
Loveless, Patty Lonely Too Long SC8315–14
Loveless, Patty The Blue Side Of Town CB84–04
Lovett, Ruby Little Bitty Crack In His Heart CB90–10
Lulu To Sir With Love SC7520–13
Lynn, Loretta Coal Miner's Daughter SC7512–09
Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird SC7530–04
Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama SC7519–14
M2M Mirror, Mirror SC8618–14
Madonna Into The Groove SC8106–07
Madonna Material Girl SC7511–13
Madonna The Power of Good–Bye SC8499–14
Madonna (Evita) You Must Love Me SC2154–03
Mamas & The Papas, The California Dreamin' SC7508–07
Manchester, Melissa Don't Cry Out Loud SC7523–15
Manchester, Melissa Through The Eyes Of Love SC7529–02
Mandrell, Barbara I Was Country (When Country Wasn't Cool) SC7516–01
Mandrell, Barbara I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool SC8101–08
Mandrell, Barbara Sleeping Single In A Double Bed SC7524–01
Manilow, Barry Copacabana (at The Copa) SC7509–07
Manilow, Barry I Write The Songs SC7511–07
Manilow, Barry Weekend In New England SC8518–07
Mann, Manfred Do Wah Diddy Diddy SC7513–07
Marcels, The Blue Moon SC7502–03
Marcy Playground Saint Joe On The School Bus SC8469–15
Marcy Playground Sex & Candy SC8440–11
Marshall Tucker Band Can't You See SC8449–03
Martin Ricky / Meja Private Emotion SC8601–07
Martin, Dean Everybody Loves Somebody SC7518–14
Martin, Ricky You Stay With Me PH9021–13
Mason, Mila Dark Horse SC8370–05
Mason, Mila That's Enough Of That SC8315–08
Mason, Mila The Strong One CB90–02
Mason, Mila This Heart PP3087–04
Matchbox 20 Back 2 Good PH9812–07
Mathis, Johnny Sleigh Ride SC8475–11
Mattea, Kathy Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses SC7516–06
Mattea, Kathy Untold Stories CB84–10
Mavericks, The Here Comes My Baby PP3172–01
Mavericks, The There Goes My Heart SC8141–14
McBride, Martina A Broken Wing PP 2–07
McBride, Martina Cheap Whiskey SS2132–03
McBride, Martina Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road SS2132–08
McBride, Martina I Love You SC8556––11
McBride, Martina Independance Day SS2132–06
McBride, Martina Life #9 SS2132–04
McBride, Martina My Baby Loves Me SS2132–02
McBride, Martina Safe In The Arms Of Love SS2132–01
McBride, Martina Swingin' Doors SC8315–13
McBride, Martina That's Me SS2132–05
McBride, Martina The Time Has Come SS2132–07
McCain, Edwin I'll Be SC8452–06
McCain, Edwin Sorry To A Friend SC8277–09
McCann, Lila Crush SC8556–05
McCann, Lila Down Came A Blackbird SC8382–09
McCarters, The The Gift CB84–12
McCoy, Neal The Shake SC8382–12
McCready, Mindy A Girl's Gotta Do (Whatta a Girl's Gotta Do) SC8370–08
McEntire, Reba 'Til You Love Me SC8141–10
McEntire, Reba Forever Love PP3087–05
McEntire, Reba How Was I To Know SC8370–02
McEntire, Reba I Know How He Feels CB84–14
McEntire, Reba It's Your Call SC8101–03
McEntire, Reba You're The First Time I Thought About Leaving CB84–02
McGraw, Tim All I Want Is A Life SC2111–07
McGraw, Tim Can't Be Really Gone SC2111–01
McGraw, Tim Don't Take The Girl SC2111–02
McGraw, Tim Down On The Farm SC2111–03
McGraw, Tim Down On The Farm SC8141–04
McGraw, Tim I Like It,  I Love It SC2111–04
McGraw, Tim Indian Outlaw SC2111–05
McGraw, Tim It's Your Love SC8382–05
McGraw, Tim My Best Friend SC8570–13
McGraw, Tim Not A Moment Too Soon SC2111–08
McGraw, Tim Refried Dreams SC2111–06
McGraw, Tim Something Like That SC8556–09
McGraw, Tim (+ Faith Hill) It's Your Love SC2177–05
McIntyre, Joey I Love You Came Too Late SC8542–08
McKennitt, Loreena The Mummers' Dance SC8440–15
McKnight, Brian Anytime SC8452–11
McKnight, Brian Stay Or Let It Go SC8601–10
McLachlan, Sarah Adia SC8452–05
McLachlan, Sarah Ice Cream PH9021–11
McLachlan, Sarah Possession SC8277–03
McLachlan, Sarah Sweet Surrender PH9021–12
Mcentire, Reba Fancy SC7522–11
Mcentire, Reba Whoever's In New England SC7512–15
Mcentire, Reba Why Haven't I Heard From You SC7522–08
Mcentire, Reba & Davis, Li Does He Love You SC7524–11
Mcferrin, Bobby Don't Worry Be Happy SC7503–09
Mcgraw, Tim Don't Take The Girl SC7522–02
Mclean, Don American Pie SC7529–04
Meat Loaf Paradise By The Dashboard Light SC7530–08
Meatloaf Paradise By The Dashboard Light SC8106–01
Medley, Bill & Warnes, Jen I've Had The Time Of My Life SC7530–15
Mellencamp, John Authority Song UK3126–07
Mellencamp, John Cherry Bomb UK3126–02
Mellencamp, John Crumblin' Down UK3126–06
Mellencamp, John Hand to Hold On To UK3126–08
Mellencamp, John Hurt So Good UK3126–03
Mellencamp, John I Need A Lover UK3126–12
Mellencamp, John Jack and Diane UK3126–05
Mellencamp, John Lonely Ol' Night UK3126–10
Mellencamp, John Paper In Fire UK3126–09
Mellencamp, John Pink Houses UK3126–01
Mellencamp, John R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. UK3126–04
Mellencamp, John Small Town UK3126–11
Messina, Jo Dee Because You Love Me CB2101–10
Messina, Jo Dee Bye Bye CB2101–07
Messina, Jo Dee Heads Carolina, Tails California CB2101–12
Messina, Jo Dee I'm Alright CB2101–06
Messina, Jo Dee Lesson In Leavin' CB2101–11
Messina, JoDee I'm Alright CB90–08
Metallica I Disappear SC8618–13
Midler, Bette From A Distance SC7514–14
Midler, Bette Rose, The SC7506–11
Midler, Bette Wind Beneath My Wings, The SC7517–15
Mighty Mighty Bosstones So Sad To Say SC8618–10
Miller, Glenn Chattanooga Choo Choo SC7528–08
Miller, Roger King Of The Road SC7513–14
Milsap, Ronnie Lost In The Fifties Tonight SC7516–09
Milsap, Ronnie Smoky Mountain Rain SC7516–13
Milsap, Ronnie Smoky Mountain Rain SC8101–06
Minnelli, Liza Cabaret SC7505–04
Minor, Shane Ordinary Love SC8556–03
Mitchell, Joni Free Man In Paris SC8518–06
Monkees, The Daydream Believer SC7517–07
Monkees, The Last Train To Clarksville SC7520–08
Monotones, The Book Of Love SC7513–06
Montgomery Gentry Daddy Won't Sell The Farm PP3176–01
Montgomery, John Michael Be My Baby Tonight SC7522–09
Montgomery, John Michael Be My Baby Tonight SS2006–07
Montgomery, John Michael Beer And Bones SS2006–05
Montgomery, John Michael Home To You SC8556–12
Montgomery, John Michael I Love The Way You Love Me SS2006–01
Montgomery, John Michael I Miss You A Little SC8370–11
Montgomery, John Michael I Swear SC2177–04
Montgomery, John Michael I Swear SC7515–04
Montgomery, John Michael I Swear SS2006–04
Montgomery, John Michael Kick It Up SS2006–03
Montgomery, John Michael Life's A Dance SC8101–12
Montgomery, John Michael Life's A Dance SS2006–02
Montgomery, John Michael Nickels And Dimes And Love SS2006–08
Montgomery, John Michael Rope The Moon SS2006–06
Moore, Gary Still Got The Blues SC8339–07
Moore, Mandy I Wanna Be With You PH9021–08
Moore, Mandy I Wanna Be With You SC8613–15
Morgan, Lorrie You'd Think He'd Know Me Better PP3087–08
Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl SC7527–06
Murray, Anne Could I Have This Dance SC7512–07
Murray, Anne Danny's Song SC7524–06
Murray, Anne You Needed Me SC7511–03
Myers, Billie Kiss The Rain SC8440–03
Myles, Alannah Black Velvet SC7514–05
Myles, Heather Love Me A Little Bit Longer SC8533–07
NSYNC Tearin' Up My Heart SC8469–02
Naughty By Nature O.P.P. SC8612–04
Nelson, Ricky Garden Party SC7509–05
Nelson, Ricky Travelin' Man SC7504–12
Nelson, Willie Always On My Mind SC7512–14
Nelson, Willie On The Road Again SC7510–13
Nelson, Willie & Haggard, Pancho And Lefty SC7522–14
Nelson, Willie & Iglesias, To All The Girls I've Loved Before SC7507–01
Nelson, Willie & Jennings, Good Hearted Woman SC7510–09
Nelson, Willie & Jennings, Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowb SC7507–08
Newton, Juice Angel Of The Morning SC7517–14
Newton–john, Olivia Hopelessly Devoted To You SC7503–08
Newton–john, Olivia Let Me Be There SC7529–13
Newton–john, Olivia & Trav Summer Nights SC7519–06
Newton–john, Olivia & Trav You're The One That I Want SC7506–14
Nicks, Stevie If You Ever Did Believe SC8499–08
Nicks, Stevie & Petty, Tom Stop Draggin' My Heart Around SC7523–08
No Doubt Ex–Girlfriend SC8601–03
No Doubt Simple Kind Of Life SC8618–04
No Mercy Where Do You Go SB1010–16
O'Jays, The Love Train SS2076–04
Oak Ridge Boys Elvira SC7507–11
Offspring Pretty Fly(for a white guy) SC8499–01
Orbison, Roy Crying SC7502–04
Orbison, Roy Oh, Pretty Woman SC7502–09
Orbison, Roy Only The Lonely SC7504–10
Osborne, Jeffrey On The Wings Of Love SC7530–02
Otis, Johnny, Show Willie And The Hand Jive SC7525–01
Page, Patti Tennessee Waltz SC7505–10
Parnell, Lee Roy She Won't Be Lonely Long SC8556–15
Parton, Dolly 9 To 5 SC7516–10
Paul, Billy Me And Mrs. Jones SC7523–14
Paycheck, Johnny Take This Job And Shove It SC7522–01
Peaches & Herb Reunited SC7503–04
Perkins, Carl Blue Suede Shoes SC7513–02
Peter, Paul & Mary Blowin' In The Wind SC7504–09
Peter, Paul & Mary Puff The Magic Dragon SC7508–15
Peterson, Michael Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie SC8382–15
Peterson, Michael From Here To Eternity SC2177–08
Peterson, Michael From Here to Eternity PP 2–02
Peterson, Michael When The Bartender Cries CB90–09
Petrone, Shana Something Real SC8570–07
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Refugee SC8518–05
Pickett, Wilson In The Midnight Hour SC7526–14
Pickett, Wilson In The Midnight Hour SC8110–07
Pickett, Wilson Mustang Sally SC7520–09
Pink There You Go SC8601–11
Platters, The Only You SC7513–04
Platters, The Smoke Gets In Your Eyes SC7502–14
Platters, The The Great Pretender SC8110–03
Platters, The Twilight Time SC8110–12
Plimsouls, The A Million Miles Away SC8518–03
Poindexter, Buster Hot, Hot, Hot SC7523–02
Pointer Sisters I'm So Excited SC7523–06
Presley, Elvis All Shook Up SC7501–13
Presley, Elvis An American Trilogy SC7501–01
Presley, Elvis Are You Lonesome Tonight? SC7521–07
Presley, Elvis Burning Love SC7501–03
Presley, Elvis Can't Help Falling In Love SC7521–09
Presley, Elvis Devil In Disguise SC7501–02
Presley, Elvis Don't Be Cruel SC7501–06
Presley, Elvis Don't Cry Daddy SC7521–03
Presley, Elvis Good Luck Charm SC7521–02
Presley, Elvis Heartbreak Hotel SC7521–14
Presley, Elvis His Latest Flame (marie's The Name) SC7521–15
Presley, Elvis Hound Dog SC7521–04
Presley, Elvis I Want You, I Need You, I Love You SC7521–01
Presley, Elvis If I Can Dream SC7521–06
Presley, Elvis In The Ghetto SC7501–05
Presley, Elvis It's Now Or Never SC7501–09
Presley, Elvis Jailhouse Rock SC7521–10
Presley, Elvis Kentucky Rain SC7521–13
Presley, Elvis Little Sister SC7521–11
Presley, Elvis Love Me SC7501–11
Presley, Elvis Love Me Tender SC7501–10
Presley, Elvis Moody Blue SC7521–12
Presley, Elvis Return To Sender SC7501–14
Presley, Elvis Stuck On You SC7521–05
Presley, Elvis Suspicious Minds SC7501–07
Presley, Elvis Teddy Bear SC7501–12
Presley, Elvis Too Much SC7501–04
Presley, Elvis Wear My Ring Around Your Neck SC7501–08
Presley, Elvis Wonder Of You, The SC7501–15
Presley, Elvis You're So Square Baby I Don't Care SC7521–08
Price, Ray For The Good Times SC7524–03
Prince Kiss SC7529–12
Prince Kiss SS2076–05
Puff Daddy & The Family It's All About The Benjamins SC8612–08
Pure Prairie League Amie SC7517–04
Pure Prairie League Amie SC8449–12
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody SC7506–06
Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love SC7511–08
Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love SS2076–01
R.E.M. Daysleeper SC8499–04
Rabbitt, Eddie & Gayle, Cr You And I SC7515–12
Raitt, Bonnie I Can't Make You Love Me SC7519–09
Raitt, Bonnie Something To Talk About SC7514–15
Randall, Jon She Don't Believe In Fairy Tales SC8507–08
Ray, Jimmy Are You Jimmy Ray SC8440–10
Raye, Collin Start Over Georgia SC8556–01
Raye, Collin That's My Story SC7522–06
Redding, Otis Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay SC7527–01
Redding, Otis Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay SC8110–09
Reddy, Helen I Am Woman SC7530–12
Restless Heart Dancy's Dream SC2165–05
Restless Heart I'll Still Be Loving You SC2165–01
Restless Heart Mending Fences SC2165–02
Restless Heart No End To This Road CB90–07
Restless Heart The Bluest Eyes In Texas SC2165–08
Restless Heart Til I Loved You SC2165–06
Restless Heart Wheels SC2165–04
Restless Heart When She Cries SC2165–03
Restless Heart When She Cries SC7510–04
Restless Heart Why Does it Have to be Wrong or Right CB84–07
Restless Heart You Can Depend On Me SC2165–07
Rhymes, Busta Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See SC8612–15
Rich, Charlie Behind Closed Doors SC7507–07
Richie, Lionel Don't Wanna Lose You SC8277–14
Richie, Lionel Hello SC7523–12
Richie, Lionel Truly SC7529–11
Ricochet Blink Of An Eye PP 2–03
Ricochet Can't Stop thinkin' 'Bout That SC8507–07
Ricochet He Left A Lot To Be Desired SC8382–07
Ricochet Honky Tonk Baby SC8480–10
Riddle, Jessica Even Angels Fall SC8601–13
Righteous Brothers, The Unchained Melody SC7502–13
Riley, Jeannie C. Harper Valley P.t.a. SC7515–09
Rimes, LeAnn Big Deal SC8570–05
Rimes, LeAnn I Need You PH9021–05
Rimes, LeAnn I Need You SC8613–03
Rimes, LeAnn Looking Through Your Eyes SC8452–09
Rimes, LeAnn Nothin' New Under The Moon PP3087–01
Rimes, LeAnn These Arms Of Mine CB90–04
Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody SC8370–03
River Road I Broke It, I'll Fix It SC8382–02
Rivers, Johnny Rockin' Pneumonia – Boogie Woogie Flu SC7526–08
Rivers, Johnny Secret Agent Man SC7527–14
Robbins, Marty El Paso SC7522–12
Robbins, Marty White Sportcoat (and A Pink Carnation), A SC7512–08
Robinson, Smokey The Tracks Of My Tears SC8110–15
Robinson, Smokey Tracks Of My Tears, The SC7526–02
Robison, Charlie My Hometown PP3172–06
Robyn Do You Really Want Me(Show OF Respect) SC8452–08
Rogers, Kenny Buy Me A Rose PP3172–04
Rogers, Kenny Gambler, The SC7512–05
Rogers, Kenny Lady SC7503–11
Rogers, Kenny Lucille SC7507–04
Rogers, Kenny She Believes In Me SC7512–10
Rogers, Kenny The Greatest SC8533–13
Rogers, Kenny Through The Years SC7516–12
Rogers, Kenny & Easton, Sh We've Got Tonight SC7515–14
Rogers, Kenny & Parton, Do Islands In The Stream SC7516–03
Rogers, Kenny & The First Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town SC7525–08
Romantics,  The That's What I Like About You SC8106–15
Romantics, The What I Like About You SC7530–14
Ronstadt, Linda Blue Bayou SC7523–03
Ronstadt, Linda Blue Bayou SS2145–04
Ronstadt, Linda How Do I Make You SS2145–08
Ronstadt, Linda It's So Easy SC7525–05
Ronstadt, Linda It's So Easy SS2145–03
Ronstadt, Linda Just One Look SS2145–05
Ronstadt, Linda Long, Long Time SS2145–02
Ronstadt, Linda That'll Be The Day SS2145–07
Ronstadt, Linda When Will I Be Loved SC7529–03
Ronstadt, Linda When Will I Be Loved SS2145–01
Ronstadt, Linda You're No Good SS2145–06
Ronstadt, Linda & Ingram, Somewhere Out There SC7530–13
Ross, Diana Ain't No Mountain High Enough SC7511–15
Ross, Diana & Richie, Lion Endless Love SC7519–13
Roth, David Lee Just A Gigolo SC7519–12
Royal Teens Short Shorts SC7504–03
Run Dmc & Aerosmith Walk This Way SC7529–09
Run–D.M.C. You Be Illin' SC8612–10
Sade Smooth Operator SC7511–14
Sam The Sham & The Pharaoh Wooly Bully SC7508–03
Samah Mouth Waste SC8613–04
Sammie I Like It SC8613–05
Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply SC8422–15
Savage Garden Truly, Madly, Deeply SB1010–10
Sawyer Brown Some Girls Do SC8101–10
Scott, Marilyn The Last Day SC8499–06
Seals, Brady The Best Is Yet To Come SC8556–14
Searchers, The Love Potion Number Nine SC7513–15
Seger, Bob Against The Wind AH8020–06
Seger, Bob Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight AH8020–18
Seger, Bob Fire Lake AH8020–10
Seger, Bob Good For Me AH8020–17
Seger, Bob Her Strutt AH8020–11
Seger, Bob Hollywood Nights AH8020–08
Seger, Bob Like A Rock AH8020–07
Seger, Bob Mainstreet AH8020–03
Seger, Bob Night Moves AH8020–02
Seger, Bob Old Time Rock & Roll SC8106–09
Seger, Bob Rock And Roll Never Forgets AH8020–16
Seger, Bob Shakedown AH8020–13
Seger, Bob Shame On The Moon AH8020–15
Seger, Bob Still The Same AH8020–05
Seger, Bob The Famous Final Scene AH8020–14
Seger, Bob Till It Shines AH8020–12
Seger, Bob Turn The Page AH8020–01
Seger, Bob We've Got Tonite AH8020–04
Seger, Bob Youll Accomp'ny Me AH8020–09
Seger, Bob & The Silver Bu Old Time Rock & Roll SC7519–02
Sellers, Jason A Matter Of Time SC8556–02
Setzer, Brian Jump, Jive & Wail PH9021–15
Shangri–las, The Leader Of The Pack SC7504–06
Shanice Yesterday SC8542–03
Sharp, Kevin She's Sure Taking It Well SC8370–15
She Moves Breaking All The Rules SC8440–08
Simon, Carly Nobody Does It Better SC7506–02
Simon, Carly You're So Vain SC7511–06
Simple Minds Don't You SC8518–01
Simpson, Jessica I Think I'm In Love With You SC8618–03
Simpson, Jessica / Nick Lachey Where You Are SC8601–09
Sinatra, Frank I've Got You Under My Skin SC7505–01
Sinatra, Frank My Kind Of Town SC7505–13
Sinatra, Frank My Way SC7518–11
Sinatra, Frank New York, New York SC7518–03
Sinatra, Frank Summer Wind SC7518–13
Sinatra, Frank That's Life SC7505–12
Sinatra, Nancy These Boots Are Made For Walkin' SC7517–08
Sir Mix–a–lot Baby Got Back SC7514–13
Sisqo Thong Song SC8613–07
Sister 7 Know What You Mean SC8469–14
Sister Hazel Happy SC8440–04
Sister Sledge We Are Family SC7519–03
Sister Sledge We Are Family SC8106–03
Sisters Wade How Much Longer SC8556–07
Sixpence None The Richer There She Goes SC8553–14
Sledge, Percy When A Man Loves A Woman SC7526–01
SmashMouth Can't Get Enough Of You Baby SC8469–08
Smith Michael W. This Is Your Time SC8618–09
Smith, Sammi Help Me Make It Through The Night SC7507–14
Smith, Will Gettin' Jiggy Wit It SC8452–02
Smith, Will Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It SB1010–03
Smith, Will Miami SC8499–05
Smith, Will (Men In Black) Men In Black SC2154–05
Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe SC7513–10
Sons of The Desert Hand of Fate PP 2–06
South Sixty Five A Random Act Of Senseless Kindness SC8507–01
South Sixty Five No Easy Goodbye SC8533–03
Spaniels, The Goodnight Sweetheart SC7526–09
Spears, Britney Baby One More Time PH9812–06
Spears, Britney Crazy (You Drive Me) SC8553–02
Spears, Britney Don't Let Me Be... Last To Know PH9021–04
Spears, Britney Lucky PH9021–02
Spears, Britney Oops, I Did It Again PH9021–01
Spears, Britney Oops, I Did It Again SC8613–14
Spears, Britney Stranger PH9021–03
Spice Girls Too Much SC8440–05
Starr, Ringo You're Sixteen SC7523–13
Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild SC7527–02
Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild SC8106–14
Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild SS2076–02
Steve Miller Band Take The Money And Run SC8449–07
Stewart, Rod All For Love SO0204–01
Stewart, Rod Crazy About Her SO0204–02
Stewart, Rod Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? SC7503–02
Stewart, Rod Do Ya Think I'm Sexy SO0204–03
Stewart, Rod Downtown Train SO0204–04
Stewart, Rod Forever Young SO0204–05
Stewart, Rod Hot Legs SO0204–06
Stewart, Rod Maggie Mae SO0204–07
Stewart, Rod My Heart Can't Tell You No SO0204–09
Stewart, Rod Sailing SO0204–10
Stewart, Rod Some Guys Have All The Luck SO0204–11
Stewart, Rod The Motown Song SO0204–08
Stewart, Rod Tonight't The Night SO0204–12
Stewart, Rod You Wear It Well SO0204–13
Stewart, Rod You're In My Heart SO0204–14
Sting Desert Rose (radio version) SC8618–02
Stone, Doug Gone Out Of My Mind CB90–11
Strait, George A Fire I Can't Put Out CB51–11
Strait, George All My Ex's Live In Texas SC7510–02
Strait, George Amarillo By Morning SC7524–02
Strait, George Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye CB51–07
Strait, George Carrying Your Love With Me SC8382–01
Strait, George Easy Come, Easy Go CB51–15
Strait, George Famous Last Words of A Fool CB51–06
Strait, George Fool Hearted Memory CB51–02
Strait, George I Cross My Heart SC2177–03
Strait, George I Cross My Heart SC7515–03
Strait, George I've Come To Expect it From You CB51–03
Strait, George If I Know Me CB51–08
Strait, George Lovebug CB51–14
Strait, George Ocean Front Property CB51–05
Strait, George One Night At A Time SC8370–10
Strait, George Right Or Wrong CB51–10
Strait, George The Big One SC8141–11
Strait, George The Chair CB51–01
Strait, George The Chill Of An Early Fall CB51–13
Strait, George The Fireman CB51–04
Strait, George We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This CB90–13
Strait, George When Did You Stop Loving Me CB51–12
Strait, George You Haven't Left Me Yet CB90–15
Strait, George You Know Me Better Than That CB51–09
Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut SC8106–02
Streisand, B & Adams, B I Finally Found Someone SC2154–08
Streisand, Barbra Evergreen SC7506–04
Streisand, Barbra & Diamon You Don't Bring Me Flowers SC7519–15
Stuart, Marty Thanks To You SC8315–10
Sugar Ray (I Just Wanna) Fly SB1010–01
Sugar Ray Falls Apart SC8587–05
Sugar Ray Fly SC8422–04
Summer, Donna Last Dance SC7523–11
Supremes, The Baby Love SC7508–04
Supremes, The Stop! In The Name Of Love SC7504–15
Sweethearts of the Rodeo I Feel Fine CB84–08
Sylvia Nobody SC7507–12
Take That How Deep Is Your Love SB1010–04
Taylor, James How Sweet It Is SC7511–10
Taylor, James Steamroller SC8339–12
Taylor, James Steamroller (live) SC7523–01
Taylor, James You've Got A Friend SC7529–07
Temptations, The My Girl SC7527–11
Temptations, The My Girl SC8110–13
Tennison, Chalee Someone Else's Turn To Cry SC8533–15
Tesh, John Give Me Forever(I Do) SC8440–09
The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony SC8452–15
Third Eye Blind 10 Days Late SC8618–11
Third Eye Blind How's It Going To Be SC8440–07
Third Eye Blind Semi–Charmed Life SB1010–09
Thorogood, George Bad To The Bone SS2076–07
Thrasher Shiver Goin', Goin', Gone SC8315–06
Three Dog Night Joy To The World SC7503–03
Three Doors Down Kryptonite SC8601–04
Time, The Jungle Love SC8518–04
Tippin, Aaron For You I Will SC8480–13
Tokens, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The SC7502–01
Tonic Mean To Me SC8601–12
Tonic You Wanted More SC8553–15
Traditional Amazing Grace SC7528–03
Traditional America The Beautiful SC7528–02
Traditional Angels We Have Heard On High SC2019–08
Traditional Auld Lang Syne SC8475–10
Traditional Away In A Manger SC2018–05
Traditional Clementine SC7528–11
Traditional Danny Boy SC7528–05
Traditional Deck The Halls SC2018–03
Traditional Dixie SC7528–04
Traditional Frosty The Snowman SC8475–04
Traditional Go Tell It On The Mountain SC2018–07
Traditional God Bless America SC7528–09
Traditional God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen SC2019–07
Traditional Happy Birthday SC7528–10
Traditional Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing SC2019–01
Traditional Here Comes Santa Claus SC8475–14
Traditional Hokey Pokey, The SC7526–06
Traditional I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus SC8475–07
Traditional I Wonder As I Wander SC2019–03
Traditional It Came Upon A Midnight Clear SC2019–02
Traditional It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas SC8475–01
Traditional Jingle Bells SC8475–05
Traditional Jolly Old Saint Nicholas SC8475–03
Traditional Let Me Call You Sweetheart SC7528–01
Traditional O Holy Night SC2019–04
Traditional Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel SC2018–08
Traditional Oh, Christmas Tree SC2018–02
Traditional Oh, Come All Ye Faithful SC2018–06
Traditional Rocky Top SC8106–04
Traditional Santa Claus Is Coming To Town SC8475–06
Traditional Silent Night SC2018–04
Traditional Silver Bells SC8475–12
Traditional Star Spangled Banner SC7528–14
Traditional Swing Low, Sweet Chariot SC7528–07
Traditional Take Me Out To The Ballgame SC7528–15
Traditional The Twelve Days Of Christmas SC2018–01
Traditional This Land Is Your Land SC7528–06
Traditional We Three Kings Of Orient Are SC2019–06
Traditional We Wish You A Merry Christmas SC8475–15
Traditional What Child Is This SC2019–05
Traditional Winter Wonderland SC8475–13
Traditional Bluegrass Rocky Top SC7522–10
Train Meet Virginia SC8542–11
Travis, Randy 1982 CB84–01
Travis, Randy Forever And Ever, Amen SC7510–14
Travis, Randy I Won't Need You Anymore CB84–11
Trevino, Rick Only Lonely Me SC8480–14
Tritt,  Travis Anymore SC2119–04
Tritt,  Travis Between An Old Memory And Me SC2119–07
Tritt,  Travis Country Club SC2119–03
Tritt,  Travis Help Me Hold On SC2119–06
Tritt,  Travis Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man SC2119–08
Tritt,  Travis Put Some Drive In Your Country SC2119–01
Tritt,  Travis T–R–O–U–B–L–E SC2119–05
Tritt,  Travis The Whiskey Ain't Workin' SC2119–02
Tritt, Travis Here's A Quarter (call Someone Who Cares) SC7516–07
Tritt, Travis Here's A Quarter(Call Someone Who Cares) SC8101–01
Tritt, Travis No More Looking Over My Shoulder SC8507–15
Tritt, Travis Start The Car SC8533–11
Troggs, The Wild Thing SC7520–04
Tucker, Tanya Delta Dawn SC7507–10
Tucker, Tanya Little Things SC8370–12
Tucker, Tanya Some Kind Of Trouble SC8101–02
Tucker, Tanya Strong Enough To Bend SC7510–07
Tucker, Tanya Two Sparrows In A Hurricane SC7510–15
Turner, Ike & Tina Proud Mary SC7520–10
Turner, Tina Addicted To Love LSG11–11
Turner, Tina Better Be Good To Me LSG11–10
Turner, Tina Golden Eye LSG11–09
Turner, Tina I Don't Wanna Fight LSG11–13
Turner, Tina I Don't Wanna Lose You LSG11–08
Turner, Tina Let's Stay Together LSG11–07
Turner, Tina Nutbush City Limits LSG11–03
Turner, Tina Private Dancer LSG11–02
Turner, Tina Proud Mary LSG11–12
Turner, Tina River Deep Mountain High LSG11–01
Turner, Tina The Best LSG11–15
Turner, Tina Two People LSG11–06
Turner, Tina Typical Male LSG11–05
Turner, Tina Way Of The World LSG11–16
Turner, Tina We Don't Need Another Hero LSG11–14
Turner, Tina What's Love Got To Do With It LSG11–04
Turner, Tina When The Heartache Is Over SC8587–07
Twain, Shania (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here SC8446–08
Twain, Shania Any Man Of Mine SC8446–05
Twain, Shania Come On Over SC8570–02
Twain, Shania Dance With The One That Brought You SC8446–07
Twain, Shania Don't Be Stupid SC8446–09
Twain, Shania From This Moment On SC8446–11
Twain, Shania God Bless The Child SC8446–06
Twain, Shania Home Ain't Where The Heart Is (Anymore) SC8446–01
Twain, Shania Honey, I'm Home SC8446–12
Twain, Shania Is There Life After Love SC8446–10
Twain, Shania Love Gets Me Every Time SC8446–03
Twain, Shania No One Needs To Know SC8446–14
Twain, Shania That Don't Impress Me Much SC8507–02
Twain, Shania The Woman In Me(Needs The Man In You) SC8446–02
Twain, Shania Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under SC8446–15
Twain, Shania You Win My Love SC8446–13
Twain, Shania You're Still The One SC8446–04
Twitty, Conway After All The Good Is Gone CB0911–08
Twitty, Conway Don't Take It Away CB0911–09
Twitty, Conway Fifteen Years Ago CB0911–02
Twitty, Conway Hello Darlin' CB0911–01
Twitty, Conway Hello Darlin' SC7512–13
Twitty, Conway Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me CB0911–07
Twitty, Conway I Don't Know A Thing About Love CB0911–13
Twitty, Conway I'd Love To Lay You Down CB0911–10
Twitty, Conway It's Only Make Believe CB0911–14
Twitty, Conway It's Only Make Believe SC7507–09
Twitty, Conway Linda On My Mind CB0911–05
Twitty, Conway Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night CB0911–15
Twitty, Conway She Needs Someone To Hold Her CB0911–03
Twitty, Conway Slow Hand CB0911–12
Twitty, Conway Tight Fittin' Jeans CB0911–11
Twitty, Conway Touch The Hand CB0911–06
Twitty, Conway You've Never Been This Far Before CB0911–04
Tyler, Bonnie Total Eclipse Of The Heart SC7509–01
U2 Ground Beneath Her Feet SC8601–15
U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday SC8518–14
U2 Sweetest Thing SC8499–10
Ub40 Red Red Wine SC7529–06
Usher My Way SC8469–04
Usher Nice & Slow SC8440–14
Van Halen Jump SC8106–12
Van Shelton, Ricky Wherever She Is SC8141–13
VanDross,  Luther Always And Forever LSG18–12
VanDross,  Luther Forever For Always For Love LSG18–14
VanDross,  Luther Here And Now LSG18–11
VanDross,  Luther House Is Not A Home LSG18–08
VanDross,  Luther If I Ruled The World LSG18–10
VanDross,  Luther Superstar LSG18–09
VanDross,  Luther The Impossible Dream LSG18–13
Vassar, Phil Carlene PP3172–05
Vera, Billy & The Beaters At This Moment SC7529–10
Vertical Horizon Everything You Want SC8587–08
Village People, The Y.m.c.a. SC7511–11
Vincent, Gene Be–bop–a–lula SC7517–13
Vinton, Bobby Roses Are Red (my Love) SC7526–10
Vitamin C Smile SC8553–04
Walker, Clay If I Could Make A Livin' SC8141–09
Walker, Clay Ordinary People CB2115–08
Walker, Clay Rumor Has It CB2115–11
Walker, Clay The Chain Of Love PP3172–07
Walker, Clay Then What CB2115–09
Walker, Clay This Woman And This Man CB2115–12
Walker, Clay Watch This CB2115–10
Walker, Clay What's It To You CB2115–07
Wallflowers, The Heroes SC8469–12
Warren Brothers, The Better Man SC8507–12
Warwick, Dionne & Friends That's What Friends Are For SC7529–01
Waters, Muddy Rollin' & Tumblin' SC8339–06
Wells, Kitty It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels SC7524–08
Wells, Mary My Guy SC7520–11
West, Shelly & Frizzell, D You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma SC7516–15
White, Barry Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe LSG18–04
White, Barry Come On LSG18–07
White, Barry I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little LSG18–02
White, Barry It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down LSG18–06
White, Barry Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up LSG18–03
White, Barry Practice What You Preach LSG18–05
White, Barry You're The First, The Last, My ..... LSG18–01
White, Bryan Tree Of Hearts PP3087–03
White, Lari John Wayne Walking Away SC8533–09
White, Lari Stepping Stone CB90–14
Whitley, Keith Don't Close Your Eyes SC7524–13
Wiggins, John & Audrey Has Anybody Seen Amy SC8141–08
Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music SC7509–06
Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music SS2076–08
Williams, Andy Can't Get Used To Losing You SC7518–08
Williams, Andy Moon River SC7518–12
Williams, Hank Kaw–liga SC7512–04
Williams, Hank Your Cheatin' Heart SC7512–02
Williams, Hank Jr. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight SC7510–08
Williams, Hank Jr. Family Tradition SC7522–03
Williams, Jr.,  Hank Don Juan D'Bubba SC8315–09
Williams, Maurice Stay SC7513–11
Williams, Robbie Millennium SC8542–12
Williams, Vanessa Oh How The Years Go By SC8440–01
Williams, Vanessa Save The Best For Last SC7514–07
Williamson, Sonny Boy Bring It On Home SC8339–09
Wills, Mark I Do (Cherish You) SC2177–07
Wilson, Jackie Lonely Teardrops SC8110–11
Winter, Johnny Mojo Boogie SC8339–10
Withers, Bill Lean On Me SC7529–05
Womack, Lee Ann A Little Past Little Rock SC8480–08
Wonder, Stevie I Just Called To Say I Love You SC7503–01
Wrecks–N–Effect Rump Shaker SC8612–03
Wright, Chely It Was SC8570–04
Wright, Chely Single White Female SC8533–02
Wynette, Tammy D–i–v–o–r–c–e SC7507–05
Wynette, Tammy Stand By Your Man SC7512–03
Yearwood, Trisha Powerful Thing SC8507–04
Yearwood, Trisha She's In Love With The Boy SC2096–08
Yearwood, Trisha She's In Love With The Boy SC8101–07
Yearwood, Trisha That's What I Like About You SC7515–15
Yearwood, Trisha The Song Remembers When SS2096–01
Yearwood, Trisha Thinkin' About You SS2096–03
Yearwood, Trisha Those Words We Said SS2096–07
Yearwood, Trisha Walkaway Joe SS2096–05
Yearwood, Trisha Wrong Side Of Memphis SS2096–02
Yearwood, Trisha XXX's And OOO's SS2096–04
Yearwood, Trisha You Say You Will SS2096–06
Yearwood, Trisha (Con Air) How Do I Live SC2154–04
Young MC Bust A Move SS2076–03
Young Mc Bust A Move SC7523–05
ZZ Top Tush SC8449–13
Zz Top Sharp Dressed Man SC7509–08