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BRIDE NAME_________________________________________________________

GROOM NAME________________________________________________________

Reception Date: ______________________

Receptional Location: _________________________________

Reception Times: _______ P.M. / A.M. until _______ P.M. / A.M.

1. Will your guests arrive at the reception hall before you? Yes / No. If yes, are the guests invited to partake of any food offered or would you like them to wait until you arrive? Partake / Wait. (please circle one)

2. Would you like a formal introduction made of the entire wedding party and/or parents upon arrival at the reception hall? If so, do you want both introduced? Wedding party - Yes / No. (please circle one) Parents - Yes / No. (please circle one) A wonderfully personal touch can be made during the introductions by adding a 1 to 2 sentence note describing your relationship or special information about each person in the wedding party(ex. "The Bride-Debbie has been best friends with Susie since age 6," or "The Groom-John went to college with Jimmy and they were teammates on the tennis team."

3. Would you like a formal introduction made of you two? If so, there are two things to consider: A) Would you like a formal or casual/fun type of atmosphere set for the evening at this point. Formal / Casual-Fun (please circle one) and B) Please write the exact verbiage in which you would like to be introduced. (ex. 'Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Johnson' or Mrs. Carol and Mr. Tommy Johnson.'

Please introduce us as: ____________________________________________________.


4. Once inside the reception hall, you have many options, (listed below). Please list the options in order from 1 to 12 in which you would like the event to occur. Please keep in mind that if your photographer or videographer are on a limited time schedule - some of the listed events may be more important to be at the top of the list.

_____ - Mingle for 5-10 minutes

_____ - Prayer before dinner - done by _______________________________________.

_____ - Toast made by: _____________________________________________.

_____ - Eat Dinner (for sit-down or buffet style dinners)

_____ - Cut the Cake

..............(While the caterer is busy cutting the cake is a good time for the first dance).

_____ - 1st Dance

..............(Would you like to dance the entire first dance alone or would you like the wedding party to join in 1/2 way.)

..............(For an added touch, would you like bubbles if permissible for your first dance____Yes  ____No)

_____ - 1st Dance Song Title ______________________________

---------- 1st Dance Song Artist _____________________________

_____ - Traditionally - the 2nd dance is a father-daughter dance

----------- something to consider, the groom and his mother join in 1/2 way.

_____ - 2nd Father-Daughter Dance Song Title _____________________________.

_____ - 2nd Father - Daughter Dance Song Artist ___________________________.

_____ - 3rd Dance - Groom-Mother Dance Song_____________________________.

_____ -3rd Groom-Mother Dance Song Artist._____________________________.

_____ Wedding Party Dance Song________________________________.

_____ - PARTY TIME! Dance musice - usually 2-3 fast songs then 1 slow for a breather.

_____ - Garter & Bouquet (usually about 1 hour into the dance gets the most people involved




** A few other things to think about.... Are there any special dedications such as birthdays, anniversaries or special songs for parents that you would like announced/played?

* Special Announcement / Dedication Information:




At the bottom of this page is a listing for you write out songs and artists that you like - and don't like. Since we carry over 50,000 songs on compact disc and mp3 it would be impossible to list all of those songs. By filling out the songs and artist information below, we will have a strong indication of your favorite types of music and will lean the music in that direction. Also listed below are 6 songs that we find people either really like or really don't like. Please circle your choice on these specific songs. Please note that by circling yes, only means that we are allowed to play the song, it does not mean that we definitely will use the song at your reception.

1. Macarena - Yes / No

2. Electric Slide - Yes / No

3. Cha-Cha  Slide - Yes / No

4. Chicken Dance - Yes / No

5. YMCA - Yes / No

6. Dollar Dance - Yes / No

Are there any must play songs? (ex. Graduates of U.T. may want to hear Rocky Top)

MUST PLAY:_____________________________________________________

MUST PLAY:_____________________________________________________









THANKS for choosing the Middle Tennesse dj'z as your reception music professional.

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